What's Up // Walking On Sunshine, Refreshed!

Hey friends!

Welcome to the new and improved Walking On Sunshine! I've changed things around a bit, hope you all enjoy the new design and aspects, tell me what you think!

Take a look at my 'About' page if you are new, to see what Walking On Sunshine is all about! I'm so excited to get started!..

Thank you heaps to you all who have filled our my form, it helped me immensely!! It has really helped me in planning my posts, and so I hope they can be a blessing to you all!!

As you know, Walking On Sunshine (WOS) is all about engaging Christian Teens and inspiring you in your realationship with God, and sharing with you all my journey, and helping each other for Gods Soon coming, (which by the way, I am totally excited about, aren't you?!) So I've come up with a few ideas for my future posts..Tell me what you think!

What's On?

Heart to Heart - A series where I'll simply share what's been on my heart about something, or things in my life worth sharing with you all! Such as a Journey, Awk and Awe's, what's been happening, and things I feel I need to share!

How to's - A series where I'll share some helpful projects that I'm sure will be a blessing to you all in your own journeys with God! I aim to share positive ideas that will help you..such as How to create your own Journal, How to find time for God, How to go about it, How to make it a habit..and such things! And although I'm way off the mark..as in I often struggle with spending time with God..I'm working on it, and through this series hope we call all encourage and discuss ideas with each other! I'm working on those at the moment..and hopefully will get that up and running soon!

Let's Talk - This is your time. This is where I encourage you all to go all out in talking about something that's been on your mind, or especially a question or a situation that you'd like to share as Teens, and I'll try to answer it! I'm working on a Question//Answer Teens page at the moment, but lets give this a go and God willing it'll be a huge blessing! I believe its important as Teens to dive deep, and talk about things that matter to Teens, and how we can connect with God on a deeper level! What do you say? Yes or no?

Light - What do you all think about having a Topical series? I'll post about topics in the Bible..things relating to Christian Teen, that will prepare us for the Time of Trouble and Soon coming of Christ. Living in the last days, it's so important to know what we believe, and how to go about it..dont' you all agree? Its time to prepare, and share that Light we have to the world, and know what to expect..Like what to look for, how to react to all thats going on around us, how to respond to certain situations and things alike. What do you all think?

Teen//Connect - I am super excited about this! I've added a special page where you guys can Submit a Question, share your ideas, Testimony, and things about God. For now I'll run this as a Trial, and if it works out well, than thats great! :-) Teen Connect

So thats what's coming to the Walking On Sunshine Blog! Thanks heaps for all your guy's support and patience..I am super super excited about this, and hope you all are as well! Would LOVE to hear your thoughts and what you'all think!

(Also as a heads up, Would you all like me to share my Journey? I have an amazing testimoney..and believe it might encourage you guys, let me know what you think!)

Love and Blessings,
Riarna xx



  1. It warms my heart to read of your love for God, precious girl! I would love to hear your testimony!

  2. There are some wonderful ideas there! I would love to hear your testimony! :-)

  3. Love your website! Keep up the good work. It's very encouraging to see young people like you doing this work.

  4. Your blog looks great!. :) I'm looking forward to reading more posts from you!

  5. Hi Riarna,
    I definitely would love to hear your testimony :) And I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts.
    God Bless,

  6. love you and your blog. I read a couple of your posts and you are an amazing writer. you are the kind of blogger that inspires, even though your not the biggest blogger you still give me amazing blog post ideas and how to be happy and to write my own blog so thank you. going to go look at your other posts now xxx. I love these posts keep it up


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