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Hey You all! I am super excited about this new Series on WOS (Walking On Sunshine) after seeing this lovely idea on other blogs! I thought this would be an awesome way to inspire, encourage others, and getting to know you all, and encouraging each other with our journeys with God! It inspires me so much that you guys are so passionate about the Lord!!

 So cutting to the chase, I would L-o-v-e to share your favorite moments, favorite ways to connect with God, how you spend time with God, and things alike! I believe it would be so fantastic to share with each other! What do you say?

So, you choose something you are passionate about, maybe how the Lord has blessed and led you in your life, how he has helped you, or how you enjoy spending time with God, or your favorite way connecting with him on a regular basis and things alike! Send me some photo's of yourself, your favorite devotion book and things alike, and I'll review it, and if I approve I'll post it here!! <3

Important details:

  • I plan on posting each or on every second week most likely Sunday, depending on the number of responses I get! 
  • Send some photo's and your Post to and I'll review it and if I approve I'll post it here, and if you have a Blog, I'll link it as well!
  • Write a snippet telling us a bit about yourself, what you love to do, how old you are, your family, where you live etc, and the most important part - Sharing your favorite things such as how you share God with others, perhaps your favorite things about God, your Testimony, how God has impacted your life, how you spend time with God, things you look forward to and things alike.
So, I am so excited about this! I think this will be fantabulous, I can't wait to see what you all have for me! Questions? Comments? Can't wait!



  1. This is a great idea! If I remember, I'll send you an entry! =)

  2. This sounds like fun! I'm going to have to try to send you something sometime soon. ;-)


Thank you for taking the time to comment, I love hearing from you!! xx

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