A Call // To Go Beyond

Hey You'all! I felt an urge to share with y'all something that has been on my heart today, one that definitely rocked my world! One of the things you may have seen lately, is the reckless actions taking place on the other side of the world! What I mean is, the ruthless persecution and destruction of innocent christians in Iraq, by Muslims! Its been horrifying seeing it all take place!!

As I type this, I feel so blessed knowing that I have a loving Father in Heaven, a Beautiful Gorgeous Family, a warm cozy bed, delicious food, warm clothes, and most importantly a safe environment (well at least for the time being!) And yet... What am I doing to help, when there are thousands on the other side of the world being persecuted for their faith?

It totally hit me today, how quiet we are in our small little worlds, texting our friends, posting things on Face book, tweeting, waiting for the next movie to come out.. You get the jist right? And there's nothing wrong with that, but as little as we know it, there's something wrong with sitting silent and not opening up to the many opportunities that God places before us to share the beaming Light he has so faithfully given us to share with others! Don't know about y'all, but that's something I am definitely still learning..

I was talking with my Best friend not long ago, and I said to her: "Hey, you should start up your Blog again!" And she replied saying that she was too busy, and that is so understandable, we all get busy right!? Yet, it only hit me today that, surely we aren't that busy, to not share Gods love with others, if given the opportunity, and I'm sure there are many! I replied saying:

"Yes..same..yeah, life is defintely busy!! But it kind of hit me.. Life has always been busy, always is busy, and always will be busy..but after seeing all the horrible news lately..it kind of hit me..we only have a short time on this earth to make a difference in someones life..many peoples lives even.. "

After I sent it, I was like Woah! You know, it is just SO true! We are so close to the end, it will only be a matter of time until God comes back, and instead of wishing or hoping things will get better, we should make the most of it! 

I'm not saying anyone is perfect, nah uh! What I am saying, is that because our Life is in the hands of a Perfect Loving God, we should Accept God's Call // To Go Beyond all that we could imagine!

Life is fragile. Life is Busy. Life is hard. Life is an open door to make a difference in someone's life! 

I hope to post more practical things in the future such as how to find Gods purpose in our lives, how to wake up to do our devotions and *many* more things, so stay tuned! 

I encourage you all to pray strongly for the persecuted christians in Iraq. Prayer can move mountains! Life is to short, so share with others Gods Love and live your life to the fullest! God can do things way beyond anything you could dream or imagine, trust in the one who holds you in his strong arms!

Have you heard of the Christians in Iraq? What are you doing to share Gods Love? 

Ps. If there is anything you'd like me to post about, I'd *love* to know! I want to make sure the content I post on here is as relevant and helpful to you guys as much as possible! *Smile*



  1. Another inspirational and beautiful post from you!:)
    Yes... I will pray for the innocent Christians..

  2. Wow, what a powerful post! I know, it breaks my heart to know of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ around the world doing so much for their faith!! It's so saddening, but I know that through it all, Christ is still in control. In our church a man recently started coming that is from lower Africa, and he fled persecution. His wife and children left him, and he was beaten for his faith! You can see the scars. It is unbelievable. Prayer is powerful and effective, and it is what we are called to do. Thank you for bringing this to my memory once again. =)


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