Awk & Awe // September Crazies

Hey you'all! I've seen this kind of thing on a few blogs, and absolutely loved the idea! So, I just had to share some Awkward & Awesome Moments with you all! I thought it would be fun to review some Awkward's and Awesome's at the end of every month, to contrast things from the usual! Hope you all enjoy them!

  • Taking selfies with your Sister in the park, then seeing other people walking by, like 'What?'.
  • Walking down the Beach Lighthouse Pier with your family, when your Mum grabs you and makes you pose for some photo's on one of the highest rocks along the side walk, with tones of people walking by, staring strangely at you. Yes, definitely awkard! 
  • Walking to Sabbath School half an hour late, and there's no seats left...
  • When at church, the leader asks you look up a passage in the bible, and you look at him awkwardly, everyone is staring at you, and then you ask "Do you want me to read it?" haha, duh!
  • At Sabbath School, when the leader also asks you what hero in the bible comes to mind to you, and you have an awkward instant mind blank, and you stare at him like "What?" 
  • When a visitor knocks on the door, and you go to open it when you realise you are still wearing your pyjama's, haha so not funny!
  • When your Mum walks by a stand of ridiculous looking face masks in the shop, and puts one on and starts dancing in front of everyone, then tries to make me wear one! And seeing the reactions of people walking by, probably thinking 'What is she doing?!" 
  • When  I've probably had to many sweet things to eat and when out shopping, for no good reason start bursting into laughter! Haha..
  • Driving home with your Mum, and she doesn't know which way to go, so you say "That way Mum, its definitely this way, I remember!" And she listens to you, and anyway..its the wrong way! Oh dear..
  • When out shopping, your Mum asks you to hold the trolley full of food and start putting it through the counter while she just spends 'one sec' looking at something..and you're forced to push it around for a while while your Mum gets back to you..and people walking by are giving you awk stares! 
  • Spending a whole day out shopping, instead of doing school work! That is definitely bliss, don't you'all agree?!
  • Sleeping in till 9:30 am, because you now home school, totally awesome, and much better than waking up at like 6:30 in the morning, and trying to catch a bus on time for school! 
  • Finishing your Resume in a day, now am so excited to start finding a part time Job! As a teen, its exciting finding your first job, buuttt probably not so, when you're an adult! 
  • Watching the early Sunrise in the morning, and opening your Bible to a random spot, and the verse that you first see, is exactly what you were thinking, and completely speaks to your heart! That verse was about how God is an Everlasting light to us, its totally amazing when God just speaks to your heart!
  • Catching up with some old friends, so good to see some familiar faces!
  • Having a 'sleepover' with your Sister! Sounds weird, but its fun! You should try it one time! 
  • Feeling the overwhelming sense of Gods love...that you start crying!
  • Watching the sun go down, and seeing the sky light up all pink, reminded me of sweet fairy floss! 
  • Running in the rain, sounds silly, but it is seriously fun! 
  • Getting to know you all beautiful people, its so much fun, and I love being able to share with you all here in this itty bitty blog, God is just so good! 
Okay..Maybe I'd better get some work down! How's your week been? What are some Awkward's and Awesome's of your month? Ever cried, because you felt so underserving yet loved by God? xxx



  1. Life would be dull without awe and awk moments hey :)

  2. Wow, 9:30! I'm homeschooled and I get up at 6:45! Lol. :-) Keep up the good work!

  3. Hmm... 9:30.. that is about usual for me. Isn't it lovely? And, then you finish school around 2-3! Yahoo! :D

  4. Hehe-fun post! It's amazing how much awk/awe things happen-no?
    By the way, love your scarf!
    A modest fashion blog:

  5. I love this post! It's so fun!

  6. I loved reading this post! :) I just came across your blog and I am in love.


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