So, its the start of a brand new year. Another year has gone, and another has just began. Happy New Year guys!

It is unbelievably hard to imagine 2016 is already here, I mean where did time go? This time of year is usually the start of a new 'journey' so to speak, a time for others to jot down their new years resolutions, a time to embrace a new 'you'.

While I haven't yet grasped the hang of sticking to my goals, I definitely know, like many others, there are just so many things I would love to do better. New Goals. New look. Better Life style. Better Me.

But... This year as the clock began to move its way to stroke 12 PM, like that. An hour gone, a minute, a second... 2016... I decided I wanted to sit back and reflect. Reflect on everything that has happened in the year, everything that has happened in my life that has made it possible to where I am standing right now, where You may also be standing right now. Everyone has their own story, and trust me, each one so intricately beautiful. Messy and beautiful.

I sat their on my bed, whisked out my family albums and reflected on all the memories that have been made, not just 2015, but my entire life.

A lot of the time, we are so enthusiastic and caught up with doing everything so much better, which by the way, I am totally for! But yet, we also forget to reflect on our lives, and remember where God has put and led us throughout... Our family, the love and times of bonding and sharing of joy and laughter, each special moment shared, the things we've done, and yes, even the times we've cried and fallen, and thought that we could never get through, but, that we did. We fought. And we pulled through, pulled through gold, with another year in sight. 2016.

I am totally thankful to God, and where he has led in my life. To my family, to my friends. Because without them, another year spent wouldn't be worth it :)

So as this year unfolds, and new resolutions are being made, new plans unfold, and new things happen, also remember your roots, and how you are standing here today because of God :)

Happy New Year guys!

Riarna xo



  1. I love reflecting on life, especially comparing how much you've changed from one moment to another. I love that you pulled out photo albums and focused on the past, because it's from your old selves that you draw the most ideas for improvement. Never let your past hold you back though.

    The Life of Little Me

  2. happy new years!

    i love to reflect too, to see how much i've changed and grown as a person. bt i think that i have to remember to let go of the past and i can't be worried about the future.

    emily | lost

    ps. i love your blog design


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