...And We're Back!

Hey All you Beautiful people!

It has definitely been quite a while since I have been active here... or written and shared with you all, Life has definitely been a journey for me, and for the last few months I have had to take a bit of time off. However, totally beside the point, We're back!

I just wanna say I have some exciting things coming back hopefully to share with you guys... While I could ramble on for ages and tell of all the things been happening lately, I think what I really want to do is be real with you guys... and get down heart to heart with some things that I think we could all do with... Things that I've actually personally experienced as a middle aged Christian Teenager Girl... particularly in the last few months.

For one, I'll be posting soon my own personal story about Depression, what it is, how its affected me and how it affects Teens, and how to over come it... That will be posted very soon, so keep your eyes open for that, I think its an important one, and I really do think you guys can totally relate, so keep peeled for that. :)

The other thing is, I'll be working on a few more posts, I know I've been unactive for a bit, but I'm going to try my best this time, and just share some Really real things with you guys :)

So I hope you all have had an amazing Year, Merry Christmas Guys! Stay Close to God, and one more thing, Let me know what you guys think xo

Riarna x



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Hey! I'm Riarna. I'm a Christian 16 year old Teen Girl, crazy about life, but most of all, the Lord! I have a passion for God, and as a Teen it is all too easy to forget the one who gave his life for us, and believe its important to encourage others in their walk with God! Together, lets discover how to Connect with God on a Deeper level, as Teens how to stay faithful, and how we can share our passion with others! Xx