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Hey You all! I am so excited to share this first post with you! Thanks heaps to my beautiful friend Jasmine for sharing with us! I am so excited to hear what she has to share, and I hope y'all are too! If you would like to share here on Walking On Sunshine, I encourage y'all to email me here, and the details are also in the link above! I would *love* to hear from you guys!

So, without further ado..

Hi, I'm Jasmine

I'm 16, and live in Qld. I enjoy playing my cello, reading, listening to music, photography, sketching, cooking and sewing. 

I had great advantages in getting to know God, because I grew up in a very godly environment. But I still had my challenges. I had a hard time doing devotions each morning. But I found a way that made me eager to do them.
My “sistas”(Riarna and Lucinda) and I have decided to share what we do for devotions each morning. It has been very useful to us!
Every morning is a miracle of grace. Why then, do we so often shun it, and wish it wasn't morning?

I love my sleep, and often find it hard to get up early... but sometimes there are those days where I just can't stay in bed. Those days turn out to be some of my favourites.
Early on Sabbath morning, I got up, and went outside with my Bible, Mp3 player, and camera, and did my devotions while waiting for the sun to rise. There is just something about early Sabbath morning air.. it makes me feel so much closer to God.

I’ve decided to try and get up early every day so that I have time to do devotions. Not only does it strengthen my relationship with God, but I then have more time in the day.
I want to challenge you. If you don't already get up with the sun(or even earlier!) I suggest that you try it. Set your alarm for just before sunrise, go somewhere quite, where it can be just you and God. Pray, read. I can just about guarantee you'll be blessed like I was! 

Who's up for Jasmines Challenge? Whats your favorite way to spend time with God? xx



  1. "Every morning is a miracle of grace" -- so simple yet profound! And very true. Thanks for sharing!

    Much love,

    Acacia x
    blog / acacia rachel

  2. Getting up in the morning has never been my strong point, but I really do believe it's the best time for devos. I personally love spending time with God while I'm playing music, just by myself, with no one around:)


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