Nurturing Sweet Growth

Hi Everybody :-) Sorry I haven't posted in a while,  its been rather busy here!

This week I thought I'd share something different! A few days ago, my Mum and I brought home an extraordinary pet, a 7 week year old Baby girl rabbit, which I'm going to tell you about :-)

As Mum and I walked into the pet shop that day, we had only one thing in mind.. to buy rabbit food for our white rabbit at home (plus we had many other pets!) But as we walked out the door with everything we had, came a sweet bundle of dark brown fur, with cute promising eyes, and un-resistable soft hugs!  As we drove home, all these names bombarded my mind, in which to call our new addition to the family! How about Midnight? No..too daunting. Pepper? No, too weird. Morning rise? No, too real. Dawn? Too short! And thats when I had it, Morning Dawn! (Well, thats what I called it anyway, the others each had their own name for it: Clover, Flopsy, Coco, Chocolate!)

Morning Dawn is the B-e-s-t rabbit you could imagine! He has these bright glassy pleading eyes, soft dark brown fur, cute button nose and has the loveliest temperament! Our family spent hours with Morning Dawn, till finally night beckoned us to put our little bundle of fur back in its home. It really is such a baby! It will snuggle in your arms for hours if you let it, so adorable!!

Morning Dawn is so placid and has a lovely temperament. This made me wonder, why?! I guess we can say each individual is different and has different personalities, but I believe sometimes its more than that! When we brought Morning Dawn, we asked why it was so placid and friendly to us. The shop owner explained, that these children looked after not only its physical needs as it was younger, but also played with it each day, hugged it, and nurtured it. This obviously helped developed this baby rabbits temperament and personality!

As I thought about this, one thing came to my mind. If we truly want to become like our Father in Heaven, with a beautiful personality, we must allow God to enter our lives, not just for a little while, but all the time (something I'm sure all of us struggle with, including myself!) to mold and nurture us into something beautiful! Allowing him to remind us each day to read from his character building Bible, passionate prayer (Theres a book called Passionate Prayer by Brenda Welsh, SO powerful!) and connecting with him each day. I know its a struggle, especially for myself, but its a challenge worth undertaking, and the reward is worth waiting for, just like Morning Dawn!

Your Friend,
Riarna :)



  1. Hi Riarna!

    Thankyou for posting about this beautiful baby rabbit of 'yours'! It is so cute and adorable! :)

    I love how you brought an object lesson into it makes the story have 'life'!! Let us all give our lives to God each day, and then, like Paul, we can say "I die daily".

    Keep up the good posting Riarna!
    Your Sister,
    Lucinda :)

  2. Hi Lucinda!

    You're welcome! Yes I know, extremely cute! Oh thanks, I have to agree with you!

    Your Sister,
    Riarna :)

  3. Wow, Riarna, this was a really good post! He looks like SUCH a cute baby bunny! So soft and cuddly! :)
    I loved your analogy at the end. I have that book, my cousin got it for me and when he bought it, he asked her to autograph it for me! It is really good. BTW, it's actually Walsh, not Welsh ;)
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Sara!

    Thank you!! Yes, he is EXTREMELY cute!!

    Thanks, I'm so glad you loved it :) Really? Yes, it is a great book! Oops, I'll change that, thanks for letting me know ;)

    Riarna ~

  5. Thank you so much Riarna for sharing this. Your cotton tail friend is so cute. I believe God is using you everytime you post. You have inspired me In many ways. I am just so Glad I decided to blog. Because Im meeting people like you. I started to think me and my sister were the only ones out there that were'nt ashame of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    God bless You always. :)
    Kami <3


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